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SIX reasons why this show is one not to be missed.

Comical, engaging, loud, colourful, captivating and vocally stunning.

There's no no no no no no no way you will be disappointed with this powerhouse show. From start to finish I was blown away by the vocals of the six women who played the roles of Henry VIII wives.

A very clever and engaging storyline which takes you on a journey back to the 16th century.

As I sat in my chair awaiting curtain up I was engaged by the theme of the mood music in the auditorium, relating to the era. A very beautiful and brightly lit stage was awaiting a packed out audience The Grand Opera house Belfast.

Colourful was the theme throughout the whole show from costumes, lighting and script writing - along with the ‘ladies in waiting’ live 4 piece band who’s musicality were on point.

A special mention goes to the most beautifully handcrafted shoes from LaDuca that were jewelled up from toe to heel. A queen must sparkle as she walks, right?

Cleverly lyrically written with all the modern feels including those little rude punchlines that made the audience laugh out loud.

I don't usually like to single out one performer from another but Anne Boleyn played by Jennifer Caldwell completely stole the show for me with her witty, sassy, funny, comical and energetic character.

Her vocals along with all the cast were exceptional throughout. The arrangements of harmonies are something to be desired.

You think you know your history on Henry VIII and his six wives until you see this show and hear their side of the story

No wonder this show is a sold-out UK tour, there’s “six” sides to every story!

Get yourself to the GOH before Saturday to see this vocal masterclass and epic epic tale. Tickets available via this link ⬇️


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