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Gritty, funny, heartwarming, a must see.

Stones in His Pockets. Another brilliant play written by Marie Jones.

Set in a small rural town of Kerry in Ireland, where a film crew from Hollywood arrives to make a film using many of the locals as extras. The story centres on Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn.The sad part of this play revolves round a young local bloke who wanted to be a extra in this epic movie, but was humiliated by the crew and the Star of the show because of his addiction to drugs. Eventually he committed suicide by walking into the river with "Stones in His Pockets". As the saying goes "The Show must go on" which did not go down to well with the locals of Kerry.

This play had a lot of humour in it and had the audience in fits of laughter, but sadness filled the Theatre when Sean's addiction took over and the rejection caused him to take his life.

Owen Sharpe and Kevin Trainor played 15 characters (men and women) changing voices with a costume change of just a hat or a jacket. A brilliant performance by both actors. Typical Irish humour and language is integral to this play.

This wonderful comedy has won numerous awards including both the Olivier and Evening Standard Awards for Best New Comedy, as well as three Tony nominations on Broadway. Stones in his Pockets ran for four years in the West End and has delighted audiences around the world.

A must see play at the Grand Opera House, Belfast. Get your tickets HERE.

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