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Sh!t Theatre are back with DollyWould at The Mac

Following a Fringe First award-winning sell-out show, Sh!t Theatre return to Belfast from 12-13 October with this bold new show about country legend Dolly Parton, cloning, branding, immortality and death.

Oh look, it’s 2016 Fringe First winners Sh!t Theatre again. What is it this time? Oh, is it unemployment? Is there a crisis? Did the government do something wrong? No, it’s a show about Dolly Parton. Sh!t Theatre f*cking love Dolly Parton and this is the story of their trip to the first lady of country’s theme park, DollyWood. This sharp and hilarious performance takes you on an adventure into the heartland of the US Deep South and beyond to explore real and plastic, mortality and immortality, original and clone.

The inimitable duo head to Knoxville, Tennessee to Dollywood, built on Dolly Parton’s former childhood home, and while there try to visit the Knoxville Body Farm, the forensic medical facility which researches human decomposition. One is plastic immortality, the other the inescapable reality of death. Enlisting the expertise of the ‘Nigella of science’ genetic scientist Dr Kat Arney, Sh!t Theatre explore the enigma that is Dolly and her namesake Dolly the sheep in this rollercoaster ride of a show complete with live music and sing-a-longs.

‘Part crazed celebration, part sophisticated dissection – the aesthetic is lovably scrappy’ **** Sunday Times

‘Exhilaratingly daft – Sh!t Theatre overshare their love for Dolly Parton, with delightful results’ **** Time Out

Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit answered some questions for us...

Where did the name Sh!t Theatre come from?

The name Sh!t Theatre has a couple of origins. We both studied performance art at Uni and people often think that performance art is just shit theatre. Also Becca once did a performance at uni where she made a cardboard comet that ‘flew’ across the stage. One our mates said, ‘That’s what you make, isn’t it? Shit theatre.’ We decided to own the name and now see it as part of our practice, and summing up our DIY aesthetic and attitude.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the show?

All our previous shows were political and came from a place of anger. Things are so bad at the moment, we decided to make a show from a place of love. We both love Dolly Parton.

What can people expect from this show?

It’s not just about Dolly…Parton. It’s also about Dolly the sheep. Cloning. Death. Branding. Legacy. It’s also our story of going to Dolly’s theme park, Dollywood. Except songs, giant boobs, and decay.

What’s the best thing about performing in Belfast?

When we performed (our show Women’s Hour) in Belfast last time, we got taken to an excellent pub with outdoor pizza, and then there was music, and then there was a drag bar… it all got pretty hazy after that. That was pretty darned good. That’s our one experience of Belfast so far, and we can’t wait to come back.

Sh!t Theatre with Show And Tell present DollyWould

12-13 October at the MAC. Tickets from £12 - £25.

Tickets are now on-sale, for more information about the show or to book a ticket, visit

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