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Brighton couple faced homophobic attack and were left horribly beaten

Dain Luka and James Floz Loxton were left as the victims of a terribly bloody hate crime.

The couple claimed the attacks began verbally as they made their way home from a Brighton nightclub when two men began shouting homophobic slurs at them. The two men then moved to a physical assault on the couple, leaving them both with serious injuries and 'in a puddle of blood'.

Daine was kicked repeatedly in the face whilst he was on the ground and was left with multiple facial fractures and unable to see out of his left eye, which is “full of blood”.

James was also attacked and had his possessions (a mobile phone) stolen before he could call for help. Nearby people came to the couples help by calling police and two men have since been held in custody regarding the attack. James has said,

"I am grateful for the people that called the police and helped us,” he wrote on Facebook. “And also for Brighton Police for getting the investigation moving as fast as they could. And because of that, all the boys that did this to us have now been caught, arrested and charged!”

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