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YMCA World General Secretary on hand as new strategy launched

A sense of belonging local, national and global – the world needs the YMCA more than ever

YMCA’s World General Secretary, Carlos Sanvee, welcomed the new strategic plan for YMCA Ireland that will be based on four values of welcome, opportunity, wellbeing and peace and justice, at a series of events across Ireland with the message that the ‘world needs the YMCA more than ever’.

At events in Lurgan, Newcastle, and Dublin Mr Sanvee heard from young people who were key in developing the new strategy, which is founded on the World Movement Vision 2030 that foresees how the youth organisation will grow and develop in the decade ahead.

The plan outlines YMCA Ireland’s vision as a ‘world where young people, their families and community prosper in body, mind and spirit’,

John Peacock, National Director of YMCA Ireland said the organisation’s continuing vision of a world where young people, their families and communities flourish in body, mind and spirit was key to the plan that was developed with extensive consultation.

“We have spent the last two years consulting with young people, staff and voluntary trustees to agree on a vision, mission and values that will direct our work going forward,” he explained.

“We have now developed a strategic plan that will put these into action to have an impact on the lives of young people, their families and communities”.

YMCA Ireland also worked with the World YMCA to make sure that the mission is in line with Vision 2030, the agreed vision of the YMCA global movement.

The presence of Mr Sanvee at the gathering was an endorsement of the plan, which looks to the local, national and global work of the YMCA across the world and connecting young people across the island.

The World National Secretary also attended the AGM of YMCA Ireland in addition to workshops and activities with young people in Lurgan and Greenhill YMCA Newcastle.

Cathal McCann, a young leader from YMCA Newcastle wrote for the strategic plan.

“The YMCA has changed my life for the better, they supported me through the rain and helped me see the rainbow,” he said.

“YMCA are life changers and game changers for young people. I am excited for what the future holds for me in this amazing organisation.”

The World General Secretary said that the organisation is vital in an increasingly fragmented society.

“The world needs the YMCA more than ever,” said Mr Sanvee, adding: “Despite the threat of disconnection, YMCAs have connected and collaborated in unprecedented ways. We have adapted, connected and reset globally.

“Our vision, mission and goals have been co-created for greater global impact. Let’s step up, and into our future. Let’s allow young people to shape it. Now is the time for one vision. It’s time for our Vision 2030.”


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