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This Sh*t Happens All the Time! - a powerful, relatable, thought-provoking one-woman show!

This Sh*t Happens All the Time" is a powerful one-woman show that delves into a true story of love, fear, and societal challenges in 1990s Belfast. Written by Amanda Verlaque and masterfully performed by Northern Irish theatre actress Nicky Harley, the play explores the complexities of falling in love in an environment where acceptance is far from guaranteed.


The narrative unravels the challenges faced by a young woman who dares to love fearlessly in a society rife with homophobia, misogyny, and coercive control. Through the masterful performance of Nicky, minimalist staging, lighting and dry ice the audience is invited to experience the emotional journey of a relationship that defies societal norms and confronts life-threatening consequences.


With a backdrop of religious shame, homophobic hate crimes, and the enduring Catholic/Protestant divide, "This Sh*t Happens All the Time" skillfully weaves a narrative that resonates with audiences on a profound level. Nicky's ability to portray multiple characters with depth and authenticity adds complexity to the story, culminating in a poignant reflection on the dichotomy between equality in principle and practice.


This production is not merely a theatrical experience but a testament to love's resilience and the human spirit's capacity to endure and triumph in the face of adversity. "This Sh*t Happens All the Time" is a must-see performance that offers a lens into a tumultuous period in Northern Ireland's history while drawing parallels to contemporary struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Review by Gary Campion


Catch this compelling show at the Grand Opera House Studio Theatre until Saturday, April 30th, with matinee and evening performances available. For tickets and additional information, visit or call 02890 241919.


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