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The Drifters Girl - You Definitely Won't Drift Off in This Show!

The Drifters Girl kicked off its UK and Ireland tour with a captivating and powerful retelling of the remarkable story of Faye Treadwell and her unwavering determination to propel The Drifters to global stardom.

Set against the backdrop of the iconic Belfast Grand Opera House, the audience was transported into the world of one of the world's greatest vocal groups and the woman behind their success.


Carley Mercedes Dyer delivers a compelling portrayal of Faye Treadwell, capturing her tenacity and unyielding spirit as the legendary manager of The Drifters.  Miles Anthony Daley impresses with his versatile performance, taking on the role of George Treadwell and several other characters, while Ashford Campbell, Tarik Frimpong, Daniel Haswell and Jaydah Bell-Rickets round out the talented cast with their captivating performances.


The musical features an unbelievable soundtrack packed with showstopping Drifters hits such as "Save the Last Dance for Me," "Under the Boardwalk," "Stand By Me," and many more, providing a nostalgic yet electrifying experience for fans of the iconic group.


Directed by Jonathan Church, the production skillfully navigates the highs and lows of The Drifters' journey, from the euphoria of hit records and sellout tours to the turbulent legal battles and personal tragedies that tested the group's resilience. The narrative artfully chronicles Faye Treadwell's trailblazing efforts as the world's first African-American female music manager, showcasing her unwavering dedication to The Drifters despite the adversities they faced.

As the curtains close, audiences are left with a profound appreciation for the enduring legacy of Faye Treadwell and her indelible impact on The Drifters. The production not only pays homage to her pivotal role in shaping the group's success but also celebrates her resilience, determination, and undying love for the music that defined an era.


The Drifters Girl's inaugural UK and Ireland tour is a triumphant celebration of music, perseverance, and the enduring legacy of The Drifters, leaving audiences with a renewed sense of awe and reverence for the indomitable spirit of Faye Treadwell and the iconic vocal group she championed.

The Drifters Girl runs at the Grand Opera House Belfast until Saturday 10th Feb 2024, tickets and further information can be found via


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