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The Cher show at the GOH is ICONIC

I was looking forward to this one – I actually even requested to do the review for it (and that’s not like me). I suppose I was nervously looking forward to it, I really wanted to like it but I had a niggle that it might be just a karaoke Cher show – kind of how I’ve felt some of the other superstar biopic musicals have been. But my fears were almost immediately put aside! This show is amazing!

It’s not just a collection of Cher songs in chronological order with a bit of fancy dancing. This show tells the story of how a young Cher, spurred on by her mum to believe in herself, takes herself off to find fame and fortune. Fame is found when she met her husband to be Sonny, and her fortune is made, and then lost, and then made again, and then lost again. Songs are intertwined throughout the story where they lyrically fit and not because they were released at that space in time – and the songs are beautifully arranged and sung.

The story is told by three different Chers, each one the lead at different points and the other two acting as her conscience or alter-egos. Staging as you’d expect is amazing, the dancers are incredibly in sync (and hot), music was beautifully performed, and the lighting set the tone of every single scene!

The story goes through the ups and downs, the marriages, the children, the movie-star and the singer roles, culminating in 1998 as Cher embarks on yet another comeback – Believe.

Go see this show, you can thank me later

Tickets can be purchased via and the show runs until Saturday 28th May


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