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Social fitness: Are we ready to get socially fit after life in lockdown?

Comedian Jo Brand has called on the nation to get “socially fit” again after months of lockdowns by making time to chat with neighbours.

TV presenter and comedian Jo Brand is an ambassador for the Big Lunch, a National Lottery supported initiative from the Eden Project which takes place each year in June.

She says: “Whilst I’m chomping at the bit to see family and friends again; I certainly won’t be front of the queue dishing out hugs when my local rave club reopens. Everyone has their own social roadmap to what they will feel comfortable doing. We all need to go at our own pace and that’s just fine.

Referring to new research which reveals more than half of the UK population has some anxiety about socialising without restrictions, with 10% going as far as to say they are scared she added:

“12 million people are now closer to their neighbours than before the pandemic. So, if anyone is feeling anxious about diving back in to the socialising pool, then The Big Lunch is the perfect way to dip a toe back in the metaphorical shallow end. Just fling open the door and wave an egg vol-au-vent over the back fence during a natter with the neighbours. We need to remember how to talk to real-life human beings again, so why not start with the human beings next door?”

People living in Northern Ireland feel least anxious with 63% having identified as feeling excited or relieved about the end of restrictions.

The Big Lunch, an idea from the Eden Project, supported by The National Lottery and Iceland Foods, attracts millions of people across the UK each year.

This year, there are more reasons than ever to get together so why not have a Big Lunch and start connecting where you live. Join in the fun from June 5 at


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