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Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs the best panto in town!

Oh no it isn't! Oh yes it is!

Being asked to review the Grand Opera House Panto is one of my highlights of the year every year and this year was no different. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a beloved fairy tale that has touched the hearts of audiences for generations. This enchanting show featured many talented actors, including May McFettridge, Flawless, Jolene O'Hara, Conor Headley, Aisling Sharkey, Paddy Jenkins, Phil Walker and many more. Together, they all delivered a magical and memorable experience for theatregoers.

May McFettridge portrayed the enigmatic character of May of the Mirror, and her larger-than-life persona brought a delightful blend of mischief and comedy to the stage. Her impeccable comic timing and sharp wit had the audience in stitches throughout the performance. It was evident that May McFettridge's 33 years of experience in the pantomime scene shone through, capturing the essence of the character and connecting with the audience effortlessly.

Flawless, the incredible dance group from Britain's Got Talent, brought an electrifying energy to their roles as the Queen's Guard. Their flawless dance routines showcased their exceptional talent. The synchronization and precision of their choreography were a true spectacle to behold. The group's ability to seamlessly combine their unique dance style with the traditional elements of the pantomime added a modern and refreshing touch to the classic tale.

Jolene O'Hara portrayed the wicked queen with a perfect balance of allure and malevolence. Her powerful presence commanded the stage, instilling a genuine sense of fear and fascination in the audience. O'Hara's portrayal of the wicked queen was nuanced and multifaceted, as she explored the depths of the character's cruelty while injecting moments of vulnerability. Her vocal prowess and commanding stage presence captivated everyone in attendance.

Conor Headley brought charm and charisma to the role of the prince, effortlessly capturing the essence of a fairytale hero. His strong stage presence and smooth vocals mesmerized the audience, enhancing the romantic elements of the story. Headley's portrayal of the prince showcased his versatility as an actor, evoking both laughter and genuine empathy as he embarked on a quest to save Snow White only for an unexpected twist in the plot to be revealed.

Aisling Sharkey breathed life into the innocent character of Snow White. With her delicate yet powerful vocals and gentle demeanour, Sharkey embodied the beauty and purity of the princess. Her on-stage chemistry with Conor Headley's

prince was palpable, creating heartwarming and tender moments.

Stand-up comedian Phil Walker, son of the iconic Roy Walker was a refreshing addition to this year's panto playing Muddles the Court Jester.  With an infectious laugh, audience participation and a phenomenal moped scene, he really did steal quite a few of the scenes throughout the show.

Seasoned panto star Paddy Jenkins delivered a dynamic performance as the wicked queen's henchman. His comedic timing and physicality added an extra layer of laughter to the production. Jenkins' interactions with the other cast members, particularly May McFettridge and Jolene O'Hara, showcased his versatility.

The intricate sets, elaborate costumes, and dazzling lighting designs created a sense of wonder and transported the audience into the enchanted world of Snow White. The attention to detail and the seamless transitions between scenes added to the overall immersive experience.

The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs pantomime at the Grand Opera House Belfast delivered a mesmerising and unforgettable theatrical experience. The cast, led by the incomparable May McFettridge, Phil Walker and Paddy Jenkins, took the audience on a magical journey filled with laughter, heart, and awe-inspiring performances. The perfect blend of talent, engaging storytelling, and breathtaking production values left the audience captivated and eager for more. If you have the chance to witness this extraordinary production, seize the opportunity for a spellbinding evening of entertainment that will leave you with cherished memories for years to come whether you are old or young.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs runs at the Grand Opera House Belfast until 14th Jan 2024, many shows are already sold out and others have limited availability

Get your tickets via this link 🔗 ⬇️


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