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It was such a pleasure to get chatting to this QUEEN! I can’t think of another who can boast being on UK Drag Race, Winning U.K v The World, and being a runner up on Dancing with the Stars, we are referring of course to the one and only Blu Hydrangea.

Ahead of our interview we asked some quick fire questions

Fav Song or Artist to lip-sync to? Abba

Chocolate or Crisps? Chocolate... all day!

Favourite film? Shrek 2

What’s your comfort food? A chippy

Twink, Bear or other ? Twink all the way!

Most underrated drag performer? Victoria’s Secret from Dublin or Trudy

Deserted Island or Party Island ? Party Island of course

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? Reese Witherspoon, in her legally blonde era.

Drag Race or Dancing with the Stars ? Dancing with the Stars

What are you doing after this interview? I am going to cook some nice, healthy food.


Your choices are Ru Paul, Alan Carr and Graham Norton

Marry: Ru Paul

Snog: Graham Norton

Avoid: Alan Carr

Click link to continue with the interview - GNI MAG ISSUE 62 - PRIDE 2024 by GNI MAG - Issuu


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