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"Pretty Woman: The Musical – Enchanting Audiences with Romance, Humor & nostalgia!

The UK tour of "Pretty Woman: The Musical" brings the beloved 1990 film to the stage, capturing the essence of the romantic comedy while offering a fresh theatrical experience. Based on the iconic movie starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, the musical adaptation has been both praised and critiqued, showcasing a blend of nostalgia, vibrant performances, and some shortcomings.

The story line closely follows the film, centered on Vivian Ward, a sex worker, and Edward Lewis, a wealthy businessman, who enter into a business arrangement that evolves into a romantic relationship. This adaptation has been noted for its fidelity to the original plot, maintaining the charm and romance that fans of the movie cherish. However, some critics argue that the musical fails to delve deeper into the more complex themes of the story, resulting in a somewhat superficial treatment

The cast delivers commendable performances, with several standouts.

Oliver Savile as Edward Lewis has received widespread acclaim for his strong vocal performance and ability to convey the character's emotional journey. His rendition of "Freedom" is particularly noted for its emotional depth​.

Amber Davies as Vivian Ward, brings energy and enthusiasm to the role, her portrayal of Vivian's journey from a street worker to someone finding love and self-worth is engaging​ , I am so pleased that her portrayal was an allround different character to what Julie Roberts gave, more quirkier, gave me Janice vibes at times (Friends).

Annell Odartey shines as Kit De Luca, Vivian’s best friend. Her powerful vocals and charismatic presence make her a scene-stealer, particularly in numbers like "Rodeo Drive"​.

Ore Oduba, playing the dual role of the narrator and hotel manager, brings charm and humor to the production, effectively engaging the audience and providing comic relief​. 

Noah Harrison's portrayal of Giulio needs praise for bringing a delightful and energetic presence to the stage. His performance includes a blend of physical comedy and witty dialogue, making the character memorable despite his supporting role. Harrison's ability to engage the audience with his comedic antics and vibrant personality enhances the overall enjoyment of the show.

The entire cast and ensemble were on point, final mention must go to local lad Curtis Patrick, I could watch you all day, your facial expressions and energy are so captivating. I am so delighted to see you touring with a professional comedy, wish you every future success. 

The musical features original songs by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance. Highlights include "Welcome to Hollywood," "Rodeo Drive," and "I Can’t Go Back," which are performed with great enthusiasm by the cast​. Would have loved some iconic 80’s songs thrown in.

Jerry Mitchell’s choreography adds a visually appealing dynamic to the show, with the La Traviata opera scene being particularly well-executed. The set and costume design, helmed by David Rockwell and Tom Rogers respectively, effectively transport the audience to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood​.

There were so many strong performances, though for me the script had a lack of depth. I'm all for nostalgia, adore the movie though the production leans too heavily on it without bringing new insights or developments to the story​. Additionally, the music lacks the powerful, memorable numbers that could elevate the overall experience​.

Overall Experience, "Pretty Woman: The Musical" is a feel-good, romantic production that will likely appeal to fans of the original film and those looking for an entertaining night out. It offers a mix of nostalgia, vibrant performances, and a heartwarming story. 

For those who enjoy romantic escapism and iconic love stories, this musical adaptation provides the fix you crave. Be sure to get over to to get your tickets. The show runs at The Grand Opera House until Saturday 15th June


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