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Nicholl Oils Teams Up With Everun To Create NI’s Largest EV Charging Network

Northern Ireland renewables experts Everun are joining forces with Nicholl Oils to develop the country’s largest electric vehicle charging network.

Representing a joint investment of up to £2.6million Nicholl Oils will celebrate their 60 year anniversary by installing at least one rapid charger and one AC fast charging point throughout the Nicholl network of branded forecourts.

Speaking of the partnership Hugh Nicholl of Nicholl Oils said: “Nicholl Oils have always been at the forefront of changes within the industry with a blended approach of having traditional fuels, synthetic fuels and now electrification in our product mix.

“I’ve always lived by a motto in business which is one plus one equals three, meaning that by partnering with experts, both companies mutually benefit but more importantly, the customer stands to benefit the most.”

Everun, which has been in operation since 2010 is one of Northern Ireland’s leading installers of EV charging points.

The company are specialists in renewable energy management helping guide high energy users through their carbon reduction strategies with practical solutions.

Eimear O’Reilly, head of projects and planning at Everun explained: “For Everun it was important to find a partner whose values align with our own.

“We are proud to be innovators in renewable energy, we also value the traditions and relationships needed to build these innovations on solid foundations.

“By working together with Nicholl Oils we have the opportunity to build upon their last 60 years of impeccable customer service and help take it to the next level within the renewable energy space.”

Over the last 60 years Nicholl Oils has grown to become Northern Ireland's largest independent oil distributor with a forecourt portfolio spanning the breadth of the country.

The first 46 charging points will be installed between April and September this year beginning with forecourts in County Antrim and County Down, however, both partners have plans to grow the network to over 100 points across the country.

Retail Petrol and Wholesale manager at Nicholl Oils Margaret Gallagher said the investment shows a commitment by the company to ensure they are continually offering customers the best service possible.

She added: “The addition of an EV charger service on our forecourts consolidates our commitment to provide customers with a reliable and dependable service, delivering on quality and price.”

The partnership will make the EV network the largest independently owned and operated network across Northern Ireland.

“The introduction of the EV network across the country will make great strides in bridging the gap between the Northern Ireland shortfall of rapid charging points and the growing number of EV drivers across the island of Ireland” said Everun’s business development manager Andrew Johnston.

He added: “Everun is a local company, collaborating with local businesses to help serve local people.

“We’re excited to partner with a company like Nicholl Oils to enhance the EV network infrastructure in Northern Ireland, which will give local drivers greater access to rapid charging in convenient locations.”


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