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Move Over Easter Bunny Lidl has Easter Covered!

From the perfect easter eggs to succulent Whole Roast Lamb Leg and everything in between you can get better choice and better value at Lidl.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that it’s a case of both “can’t cook” and “won’t cook,” when it comes to food with me, so I won’t deny I was a bit hesitant to be asked to go prepare, cook and experience the perfect 5 course Easter Meal with Lidl and The Waterman House Cookery School.

Course 1.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Head Chef Niall and the Lidl team and handed the cutest start to my 5 course experience….a Lidl Deluxe easter egg with a straw in the top (pictured above) and for the contents of one of the best tasting espresso martinis I have ever tried and that means a lot coming from someone who doesn’t drink coffee and only drinks alcohol on special occasions. (see recipe card below to try it for yourself!)

Course 2.

Once myself and the other attendees became acquainted it wasn’t long before Niall had us all donning our Lidl branded aprons and assigning us our cooking stations for him to guide us on how to prepare and make “Crab Claws with Garlic Herb Butter and Prawn, Garlic and Chilli Gambas.” We had to prepare and cook both in separate pans at our state of the art cooking stations. I am not a massive fish fan but, I do love prawns when they have already been cooked and prepared and ready to be eaten lol! I have to admit this was a quick, easy and foolproof dish to create and will definitely be one I will try to replicate at home, using Lidls quality fish products.

Course 3.

Having got a little confidence boost and feeling like Gordan Ramsey after preparing, cooking and eating my own Crab Claws and Prawns, it was over to Niall to demonstrate to us all how to prepare and cook the main course “ Whole Roast Irish Spring Leg of Lamb with Salsa Verde, Tuscan Potatoes and white wine vegetables.” Like all good chefs Niall made it all look so easy as he talked us through how to prepare and cook the perfect tuscan potatoes and white wine veg - again something I will be trying at home as they tasted devine. Then came the star of the show Lidls Whole Roast Leg of Lamb cooked and seasoned to perfection, this really did melt in my mouth and was complemented with the perfect red wine pairing of Lidls Rioja Crianza DOC (see recipe card below to try it for yourself!)

Course 4

My favourite course of any meal….DESERT!! “Panna Cotta Easter Surprise with mixed berry compote.” Sticking with the easter theme this was presented in a Deluxe Lidl easter egg cut in half filled and the top part of the egg placed back on. Normally I wouldn’t order Panna Cotta as I tend to find it a bit heavy, but the way Niall made this with vanilla and various other ingredients it was light but packed full of flavours of vanilla and various mixed berries from the compote. Perfectly paired with Lidl Prosecco Spumante Valdobbiadene Conegliano, I honestly could have eaten and drank mine and everyone else's at the table and still not have tired of the tastes and flavours of this desert and prosecco combo.

Course 5.

Let's face it no meal is complete without an Irish coffee to polish off and help you digest the perfect meal. We were shown and given the perfect Irish coffee recipe by Niall using Lidl products for a smooth coffee with a kick to finish off the night. (see recipe cards below)

The Moral of this experience is everybody can cook with the right direction and to make sure and use Lidl for all your ingredients for great tasting and affordable meals. I would like to thank the Lidl team and Niall and the James Street South team for this opportunity and for starting a little spark that might actually see me preparing and cooking meals more.

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