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More than just Any Dream Will Do…

I’ve gotta be honest this has never been a musical I’ve really wanted to see, the fact that it’s a biblical story was the final nail in the coffin for me, but the opportunity arose, and I fancied a night out so I thought, why not? I decided to make a mid-week date of it and met my fella for dinner first. Now he is a musical virgin, not a fan at all. So choosing Joseph for a date was a risk.

We settled down into the beautifully refurbished Grand Opera House and waited for it to begin. Just putting out there, even the screen curtain is a bit queer looking with all the shiny sparkly colours in it – so far so good!

Opening with kids on the stage filled me with the fear a bit, but I got past it when Joseph opened with the classic Any Dream Will Do, only mildly ruined by the viewer behind me joining along out loud with it. This as it turned out was the only song in the show I’d know beforehand.

As the show went on telling the story of Joseph the favourite son of Jacob, how his brothers were jealous and sold him, letting on to their dad he was dead. Then showcasing his rise to power and eventual reconciliation with his family. This show totally lured me in!

It was fun. It was boppy. The music covered so many different genres (surprisingly to me). The sets were colourful and changed smoothly and effortlessly. It was funny. It was heart-warming. It was clap-along and sway-along. There were so, so many amazing unexpected highlights (wait till you see the camels!). And don’t get me started on the eye-candy – nom nom phwor

I found myself singing along to songs I’d only just heard, smiling along with the lyrics. And it wasn’t just me! My musical-phobic BF got into it too (again another surprise). This show is captivating, there’s a reason it’s been around so long.

In short: Go See This! Treat yourself, treat your partner and your friends – feck it, bring your ma and your granny, they’ll love it too. It would be hard not to enjoy elements of this show no matter your interest in musicals or theatre. It’s genuinely a fun, easy to follow show.

Get your tickets via this link - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Grand Opera House ( Show runs until Saturday 8th October 2022


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