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Maggie's Feg Run was just what the doctor ordered @ the goh

Like most January evenings last night was cold and miserable though once we arrived at The Grand Opera House our January Blues were left at the door.

The foyer was bursting with groups of lovely ladies with perfectly bobbed haircuts, faux fur coats and gold stilettos and gents in jeans not quite knowing what to expect!

When the curtain went up at exactly 7.30 Maggie bounced onto the stage and immediately had the audience eating out of her hands !

Those not familiar Maggie's show revolves around various characters all with their own unique personalities. Last night she was on point, bringing them to life from Big Sally Anne to Deirdre no diddies, Banana Man and of course Dean and Dawn the nudists from Rathcoole.

Big Sally Anne bags the easier part-time job as the bouncer to raise funds for the 'feg run', cruising around in the Ford Mondeo with banana Man delivering the broken sausage baps and squashed fish suppers while Maggie butters baps in the chippy and as for Billy Scribbens I could have bate the face of him for breaking Maggies heart.

The girls jet off to Benidorm to buy the fegs and so Maggie can get over her heartache, the intention is to sell them on their return to make some dosh.

In Benidorm you could almost smell the Ambre Solaire and the sex on the beach. We were introduced to Peter Andre Sergio & Craig Deago, who Maggie again portrayed brilliantly.

A twist in the tail is when the skitterish Red, White and Blue Man, turns out to be more 50 shades of gray than red white and blue. Soon after Deirdre no Diddies from the Dole office turns up at the same hotel in Benidorn to add to the drama!

The sex on the beach was more than just cocktails with the late night romps on the beach and the sand getting everywhere!

I heard one lady comment that she would never eat candy floss or ice cream again!

It’s was a hilarious laugh out loud show portrayed perfectly by Maggie as she slipped effortlessly in and out of characters

If you fancy a A fun, laughter filled night out get your tickets booked before Maggie Muff heads back to Benidorm. Click HERE for tickets


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