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Jubilee Farm Launches First Supper Club Featuring Sustainable Local Pork at Hillmount House In Larne

Jubilee Farm is welcoming you to be part of their community and join them at their first Supper Club on Saturday April 27 dedicated to local, sustainable pork.  

As Northern Ireland’s first community owned farm, it promotes knowing where your food comes from, high-welfare, free-range and chemical free.  A co-operative model based on community involvement, the heritage pigs raised at Jubilee Farm are sustainable and truly represent a short farm to fork journey.

Partnering with Hillmount House in Larne on the Causeway Coastal Route, a private Georgian residence, guests will receive the usual warm welcome as the are delighted in a culinary adventure in the modern barn for over 100 guests.  Hillmount House launched their pop-up Supper Club dining portfolio in Autumn 2023, supporting local chefs and restaurants to celebrate local NI food, with each night a sell-out success.  

The trifold delivery of this exclusive event welcomes Chef Rob Curley of Slemish Market Supper Club, who has designed a menu to receive and enjoy pork in each course. An expert at pop-up dining experiences, for Chef Rob, the aim of the dishes on the menu is for each plate to tell a story. Every ingredient is chosen to paint a picture in the diner’s mind and spark their imagination as well as their palate.  

Chef Rob Curley said: “A Supper Club in its very nature invites you to trust the imagination of the Chef whilst simultaneously enjoying high quality, fresh local food that is delicious.  Our final course on the menu, a Hazelnut & Lard Cake with Rhubarb Compote, presented as ‘Bacon from Heaven’ may just be the lightest cake you will ever eat, we promise.”

These Little Piggies Went to Market pop-up dining Supper Club is taking place at Hillmount House, Larne on April 27 at 7pm arrival.  

Portia Woods, Marketing Manager at Jubilee Farm added: “It is of great pleasure we can work together in partnership with a local venue and local chef to deliver a story of high-welfare, sustainable food.  

“Having grown up in a market town I relate fondly to the memory of farming heritage and sale of animals on market day.  As well as being passionate about slow food I wanted to present a Supper Club that would ignite more conversation about food. I often wonder, are many divorced from where real food comes from, our rural and farming heritage? 

“That we just hear stories of ‘market days’ or for some of us, from first-hand experience we are the lucky ones who can reminisce. On the evening of the Supper Club we will present a short story of ‘Market News’ and delight diners with a six course pork menu.  

“The pork on the plate will be from the pasture-raised, organic-fed pigs of Jubilee Farm where high-welfare care is a daily task of the farmer and volunteers.  There are many aspects of Jubilee Farm to relate to, from its conservation plan, regenerative farming principles, social care farming, community involvement, to how it operates day to day, providing citizens with access to traceable, ethical slow food.”

Tickets are £49pp with entertainment to follow dining.  All bookings can be made by contacting


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