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Jake and Co definitely brought the FULL MONTY to The Grand Opera House Last night!

Delivering an unforgettable opening night filled with laughter, heart, and surprises.

The storyline, rooted in the challenges of the working class during the closure of the steelworks and the Margaret Thatcher era, struck a chord with the audience. The desperation of  six men in their pursuit of a financial breakthrough was brought to life with authenticity and empathy, creating a powerful connection with the viewers.

The cast, led by Danny Hatchard whose portrayal of Gaz, the deadbeat dad with a heart of gold, was masterful. His ability to convey the struggle of a father trying to make ends meet for the sake of his child was both moving and authentic. X-Factor and I’m a Celebrity star, Jake Quickenden, brought not only his undeniable star power but also a surprising depth to the character of Guy. His handling of sensitive topics such as HIV and homophobia in the 90s was commendable, adding a layer of emotional depth to the performance showcasing his versatility as a performer.

Bill Ward’s portrayal of the uptight yet endearing Gerald was a standout. His commitment to the role shone through, bringing to life a character trying to keep up appearances in the face of financial challenges. Additionally, Neil Hurst’sportrayal of the body-conscious Dave brought humor and heart to the production. The entire cast delivered stellar performances, with special mention to Cass Dempsy, who stole the scene with his portrayal of Nathan, Gaz’s son.

The synergy among the cast was evident from the very beginning, as each actor brought a unique energy to their character.

Directed by Michael Gyngell with choreography and intimacy directed by Ian West, the play unfolded seamlessly, captivating the audience with its engaging narrative and compelling performances. The clever set and costume design by Jasmine Swan added depth and authenticity to the production, transporting the audience to the heart of the story.

The soundtrack of the play was a delightful accompaniment, evoking a range of emotions and encouraging audience participation. The perfect comic timing of the cast, combined with playful and cheeky moments, resulted in an evening filled with infectious laughter and joy. The unexpected surprise at the end added an extra layer of excitement and left the audience buzzing with excitement.

“The Full Monty” Play is showing at The Grand Opera House Belfast from Tues 23rd to 27th January 2024.  Tickets and further info can be found at


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