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Fresh, Fun Seafood For Belfast City At Prawnagraphic

New brand for Hill Street dining as Grill gives way to Cali-styled seafood eaterie

A new seafood restaurant is set to open its doors in Belfast’s iconic Hill Street later this week.

Prawnagraphic will open its doors in the historic Cathedral Quarter on May 27, as the new brand from Made In Belfast owner, Emma Bricknell, offering a fun, fresh, sexy seafood menu, all within a California-styled restaurant.

Like many in the hospitality sector Emma took the opportunity to re-think what direction she was going to take and Prawnagraphic is setting a new standard with the new brand.

“Think po boys, prawn toast to lobster rolls, with dirty sides and light vegan based desserts,” she explained.

“We are doing for a Californian vibe in the colours, but like many restaurants and designs right now it’s on a budget and we are trying to keep it light and bright.

“Gerald McQuillan is the Head Chef and John Smyth the Senior Sous Chef and together then have come up with a menu that is fast, fun and fabulous from freedom farming and fresh sustainable seafood.”

Changing the name in Hill Street is not the only thing that will be getting a refresh as the Made in Belfast brand is set to disappear from the City Hall and Talbot Street restaurants with new concepts being developed and plans for a burger bar and a Mexican themed restaurant.

“I’m really excited about some of our new concepts”, said Emma.

“Being able to creatively input into the business again has helped me mentally cope with the stresses and strains Covid has put this industry under.

“I really want to bring a cool, funky burger bar to the city and maybe a hip Mexican. Those new brands are currently in development, but it won’t be long before we’ll be able to reveal them.”

The decision to stagger the new restaurants was forced upon Emma as the strain of the closures as a result of Covid-19.

“We had no choice but to restructure the business,” she explained, adding: “Many staff didn’t tell us they were moving on until the last minute leaving us with three restaurants and not enough staff to open. I had to make a hard decision, which of the restaurants would open and how.

“I’m confident our current plan for reopening the three restaurants in stages is the best economic decision for the company.”

Emma reassured customers that all vouchers will be honoured for any of the new brands, and someone will contact all customers who have made bookings for any of the restaurants about to change. The planned development south Belfast restaurant has been temporarily put on hold.

However, she believes that with the reopening of hospitality there is hope.

“It may have been an incredibly tough year both for me personally and the business but we’re fighting back.”

To book your place at Prawnagraphic go to or follow the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram


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