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Millions if not Billions of people are still unfamiliar with what LGBTQI+ means, for those in our community it is a no brainer though so many due to lack of education get it wrong.

This week we have decided to do a little education into all the different ways of the gays, the plus in LGBTQI+. So, to start us off, we will keep it nice and simple, and we will break down all the letters in our pride acronym.

L – Lesbian: The girlies that love the girlies, and not in a let’s get brunch kind of way, in a down and dirty loving type

G – Gay: If you don’t know what gay means I don’t know how you’re seeing this post, its in the name. But it’s the boys that love the boys, just incase.

B – Bisexual: Commonly referred to as bi, this term is for those that look at Margot Robbie and go damn She’s hot, but also feel the same about Zack Efron. Bi is any gender that loves both genders.

T – Transgender: This is a person who has a different gender than they were given at birth. Some people alter their bits and pieces to make the outside match the inside, some don’t feel the need, either way, that’s Transgender.

Q – Queer : In the dictionary queer means different to what is normal, but everyone knows that normal is boring. In sexual orientation terms its kind of a big umbrella term for everyone that isn’t purely straight, its basically a way of saying LGBTQIA+ if you forget some of the letters. (laughing emoji maybe)

I – Intersex: When someone is born with bits and pieces that aren’t simply male or female. Some intersex people get reconstructions at birth, some wait to see how they feel when they are older, and some never choose to change at all. This ones about gender, not what sex your inter.

+: Relates to everything not already mentioned, come back tomorrow and we will delve in further


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