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We can do with a bit of a thirsty Thursday today and see all the different orientations that don’t just vibe with one thing.

Monosexual: Those of us that very much like what we like, but we only like the one thing. In a nutshell, its people who are only attracted to one gender or sex, whether that attraction is sexual, romantic or both – this includes those of us that are gay, lesbian or straight.

Pansexual: People who can experience sexual attraction to anyone, and their gender or sex or sexual orientation is irrelevant, they want to get down and dirty with the person, not with the label.

Polysexual: This one is kind of similar to pansexual, but not quite the same. This is people that want to get down and dirty with multiple genders and sexes, but not all of them, just the sexes and orientations that are sexy to the poly person.

Heteroflexible: people that don’t really feel straight, or don’t really feel gay or lesbian, but also don’t think they are far enough away from straight on the spectrum to be bisexual, but also could be some days but just not others, or could kiss both genders but not hit a home run with both, or could hit a home run with both genders, but couldn’t date both. Lots of different variations of this one too, but basically when it comes to attraction, they are flexible.

So, lots of people want to get sexy with lots of people, fantastic! I mean who doesn’t love having options – which brings us to tomorrow where were going from sexual orientation to gender orientation – there’s lots of options for that too! Come back then and find out a few.


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