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Conleth Kane – Liberty Album Review

Incase any of you don’t know who Conleth Kane is, he is the local boy done good London style.  Having trained professionally in performing arts in London alongside many well-known household names, appeared in many theatre productions both amateur and professional, this is now his time to take the main spotlight and show the world what he is capable of.  One thing you cannot say if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Conleth is that he is uncomfortable with himself.  He is very out and proud of his sexuality, his upbringing and life experiences and isn’t afraid to give his honest opinion when asked.  This is very much evident in the writing and song styles of this his debut LP album “Liberty.” The 5 track album really showcases both his vocal and writing ability, with some songs that wouldn’t sound out of place being sung by well know superstars.  

Here is our track by track review:

1. Flourish – The opening track to this varied sound album is very much about Conleth letting us know this is his time to flourish and fly with this album and his career.  An acoustically strong track with raw emotion coming through his vocals, it is a great opener and introduction to the man himself and his range as a vocalist and a writer.

2. Yellow Brick Road – This track brings a pop-rock musical sound to the fore with Conleth’s vocal on point.  Having listened to the album on repeat for an hour, everytime this track came up, I honestly thought I was listening to a track from the musical Wicked or a sequelto Wizard of Oz or the like with the references to the Yellow Brick Road, the Emerald City, Rainbows and Home.  Maybe this could be his next project or niche.

3. Circles –  I’ll be honest at first I didn’t actually listen to this album in track order and this song came on first and I initially actually thought it was a Westlife \ Ed Sheeran written track with its guitar based pop vocal sound and writing style it sounded so familiar and so well produced.Then you get hit with Conleth’s distinctive vocal style and you realise why it sounds so familiar because it’s a local singing voice of a local talent.  The boy has done good when it comes to this track!

4. Proud – This is fast becoming Conleths anthem for his life, his career and is very much the breakout track for this album.  The video for this single is heart warming and so real and really does make us feel proud of our local lad done good (if you’ve not seen it check it out on our Facebook page).  He honoured us with a performance of it at our GNI awards and was met with a standing ovation and loud cheers, need we say more?

5. Emerald Isle – in this track Kane opens up about his family being spread over the world but how the emerald isle will always be part of who they are and in their hearts.  A local Celtic distinctive sound with a distinctive local vocal makes this a beautiful track to listen to on repeat for those living away from their family and missing home.

In summary this is a great combination of sounds, styles and writing for an artist finding his sound and his way within the industry.  It showcases his potential across various mediums, and we here at GNI as big supporters of his, can’t wait to see where he goes from here with it.

Liberty gets 5 *****

Last Saturday Conleth released a video for the first single ‘Proud‘, it is beautiful, relatable and empowering and simply needs to be watched and shared with the world.

Also today marks the release of the 5 track album, you can download and stream across all major platforms via this link


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