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Business Coach Bernie Allen Launches Free Webinar Series To Help Business Leaders Find Their Inner

Successful businesswoman and mentor, Bernie Allen, has launched a new series of free webinars to help businesses move forward following the most challenging period enterprise has ever experienced.

There can be few business people who have not been affected in some way by recent circumstances, but now is the time to push forward with new business plans in a new business world.

But what if your confidence has taken a knock? Or, even more importantly, what if you’ve never felt confident in your own particular niche?

With over 30 years experience coaching and mentoring business people, Bernie wants to help others to find their inner confidence and to enable them to stand out in their own niche.

The Lurgan businesswoman said: “Many people during the pandemic and, of course, prior to have found their confidence shaken at some point in their life. I spent many a year there myself.

“I want to use my experience both personally and professionally to help business leaders navigate these uncharted waters, especially those who have been adversely affected by the challenges they’ve faced as a result of Covid-19.

“I have been lucky this last year because my life’s experiences have given me the resources to face these challenges head-on. I’m very aware, however, that there are many people whose confidence will have been shaken to the core and who may be struggling to rebuild it.”

Bernie’s series of four webinars beginning on Tuesday May 4 and running through to May 25 explore everything from How To Create Your Inner Confidence To Help You Overcome The Pain Of Fear, Mastering The Art Of Self Confidence To Find Out What’s Holding You Back, How To Overcome The Fears That Are Causing You To Procrastinate and Discover The Secret To Unveiling Your Full Potential To Help You #GrowLikeAPro.

“I have always been aware of – and worked with – business people who have always lacked self-confidence and who have been forced to operate from behind a ‘mask’” said Bernie, adding: “Through this webinar series I want to show everyone how to overcome the fears that are stopping them from achieving everything they want to in business – all whilst discovering the secret to unveiling their full potential.”

Bernie’s webinars come on the back of a resurgence in popularity of her 2019 self help book How To Succeed in Business and Life..What’s Holding Your Back, published by Excalibur Press.

The book is Bernie’s personal journey from suffering a collapse in her business and personal devastation to achieve success speaking and mentoring business leaders worldwide.

“I wrote How To Succeed to help readers identify where they have been and why they have been there, or where they are now and how they got there and also to help them get to where they want to go” said Bernie.

“In my experience, all those who succeed are the people who are prepared to do what they need to do to get what they want to get, don’t make excuses, always prepared to learn more of the how-to and are genuinely interested in helping others achieve and get out of the money versus happiness trap. And that’s what the book talks about.”

To book Bernie Allen’s webinars go to Eventbrite or for more information log onto


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