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Ah, ah, ah, ah Stayin’ Alive!

The Glitter Balls are out at The Grand Opera House for Saturday Night Fever The Musical

With more disco music, more drama, glitter balls and featuring amazing new choreography, Saturday Night Fever at the Grand Opera House will have you out of your seats and singing along to one of the best-selling Bee Gees soundtracks of all time.

Jack Wilcox plays the lead actor as the cheeky but charming teenager from Brooklyn, Tony Manero, who is not only a fabulous dancer but also has a striking singing voice. His dance partner Stephanie, played by the beautiful Rebekah Bryant, put on a phenomenal show and it was a delight to see their relationship unfold on stage.

The musical follows the plot of the Travolta classic, Tony works in a paint shop by day and is King of the dance floor by night. He is trying to escape from a troubled home life and his abusive father, so when a competition launches to win a significant cash prize Tony seeks to find a dance partner to help him win!

The show opens with the Bee Gees band belting out the massive hit 'Stayin Alive'. Tony took centre stage with the other dancers, and the choreography was hip popping, jaw dropping, energetic and an absolutely fabulous start to the musical.

Annette, played by the stunning Billie Hardy, who is hopelessly in love with Tony, sang 'If I Can't Have You', and this is when the boy rejects girl story begins to unfold… Trying desperately to get her hands on Tony, he reluctantly agrees for her to be his dance partner in the competition. She meets him at the dance studio to practice and this is when the comedy between the pair begins. As he starts to teach her some dance moves she unfortunately fails to impress him and has the audience in fits of laughter.

Annette is left heartbroken when he falls for ballet dancer Stephanie who has dreams of living the high life in Manhattan, but will her dreams come true? Not only is she a great dancer as many of her moves include arabesques and triple spins from ballet, but her jive and modern dance performances were also exceptional. While singing 'What Kind Of Fool' her beautiful voice captured the audience and she had a wonderful presence on stage.

Tony's mother and father, played by Melody Jones and Phillip Aiden, showed their true acting skills and perfectly portrayed how unhappy they were when his brother Frank Junior, played Marios Nicolaides, decided to suddenly leave the priesthood and begin a new life elsewhere. All of this while Tony's best friend, Bobby C, played by Kevin O'Dwyer, is absolutely devastated when he gets his girlfriend pregnant. Will it be a tragic or romantic ending?

The whole production by Bill Kenwright was amazing, energetic and top class performances were executed throughout.

The choreography by Bill Deamer was colourful, lively, inventive and was presented in the most tasteful way. The talent oozed throughout the show, the performances were full of energy, and it was one of the best finales I have ever seen.

The band led by Scott Alder were energetic throughout and it featured all of the Bee Gees’ mind-blowing hits including 'Night Fever', 'More Then A Woman', 'How Deep Is Your Love' and many, many more…

All of the amazing cast had the audience out of their seats, with some even dancing in the aisles at the end of the night! Experience one of the most memorable musicals - Saturday Night Fever is not to be missed!

Tickets are available until Saturday 24 September at the Grand Opera House at


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