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42nd Street at Belfast's GOH is truly a feast for both the eyes and ears!

Jonathan Church's theatre production of "42nd Street" at the Grand Opera House in Belfast is a true showstopper that had the audience on their feet. With Steps own Faye Tozer's impeccable performance as Maggie Jones and Samantha Womack's compelling portrayal of Dorothy Brock, this production proved to be an unforgettable night at the theater.

Faye Tozer's rendition of Maggie Jones was a standout. Her charisma and talent lit up the stage, and her comedic timing was spot-on. She brought a delightful energy to the character, making her an instant favorite among the audience.

Samantha Womack, in the role of Dorothy Brock, displayed her remarkable vocal range and dramatic prowess. Her rendition of "I Only Have Eyes for You" was nothing short of mesmerizing, and she truly embodied the character's journey from vulnerability to strength.

A special mention must go to India Day who was our GNI mag intern a few short years ago. Having recently graduated from RADA she now holds the role of projectionist/swing technician on 42nd Street. Her contribution to this production was invaluable. The seamless transitions and stunning visual effects added an extra layer of depth to the show, enhancing the audience's immersion into the world of 1930s Broadway.

The choreography, by Bill Dreamer, was a highlight, with every tap dance sequence executed with precision and flair. The ensemble cast's dedication and energy were palpable, and their performances of iconic numbers like "We're in the Money" and "Lullaby of Broadway" were met with thunderous applause.

The set design, costumes, and live orchestration all combined to create a visual and auditory spectacle that transported the audience back to the golden age of Broadway.

Jonathan Church's direction ensured that the production flowed seamlessly, with impeccable timing and pacing. The result was a feel-good, high-energy performance that had the entire audience captivated from beginning to end.

In conclusion, Jonathan Church's "42nd Street" at the Grand Opera House in Belfast is a theatrical triumph, a dazzling homage to the glamour and excitement of Broadway. Faye Tozer, Samantha Womack, and the entire cast, have brought this classic musical to life in a way that will leave a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of seeing it. It's a production that deserves the highest praise and should not be missed.

You can catch the show until Saturday, tickets are available via


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