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GUNCLE POINTS!! Go see Madagascar the Musical

I'm always a bit skeptical when a successful family animation film gets turned into a stage musical, as there have been some disasters but equally some major successes i.e Shrek the musical, so I went with an open mind.  Also having interviewed Matt Terry for the magazine just over a year ago, I was curious to see what the X Factor winner had to offer.  I have to say he did not disappoint, his energy and vocal range were perfection for this role in a fast paced family show.  

I would say unlike Shrek this show is probably more aimed at families with Children under 12, as there were no adult undertones and it was all very innocent and child like.  The kids in the audience were lapping up every moment and clapping and getting involved.  

For me one of the highlights was the Sassy Gloria played by the talented Timmika Ramsay.  Her and her fellow co-stars really did bring the characters played by huge hollywood stars Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Rock and co to life on stage.

I cannot write a review and not also mention King Julian and his "I like to move it" scene, the old 90's disco child in me wanted to join him up on stage and bust my best dance moves.

My guest to see Madagascar was Parker, he's 11.  This is what he thought...

"I think Madagascar was very good and funny, everyone sang very well.  My favourite character was Marty the zebra because he was really funny and a really good singer."

A fun family show with very little tickets left so if this sound like it would be your family's thing I would move fast as it is only here until the end of the week.  Get your tickets HERE

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