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We’d been looking forward to it for weeks, Lisa at FaceTherapy NI had invited team GNI up to their new clinic to try out some treatments. As the older ones in the office Daniel and I had opted for some anti-wrinkle injections, and wee Anthony was planning on a Modified Myres IV drip.

Lisa was as gorgeous as ever as she greeted us. One by one we had private consultations; assessing our suitability for each treatment and finding out our reasons for wanting them. Mine was simple, I’m 41 years old and wrinkly! While we were waiting Lisa had Georgina, her long suffering assistant running about after us making teas and bringing us treats – God love her.

Anthony went first. I don’t think he’ll mind me saying that he was a bit nervous – he’s not a big fan of needles. As Lisa was setting up his IV drip he was getting himself stressed to the balls. All the while he was wired up to a blood pressure monitor, so it wasn’t until his pressure was at an acceptable level that Lisa inserted the needle and started the drip. The IV cocktail he was getting was a mix of vitamins, minerals and antitoxidants, all put together to make him feel better and boost his immune system. Once Anthony was comfortable Lisa turned her attention to Daniel and myself.

Daniel went first. He had some ‘before’ photos taken before settling down on the chair. Lisa went through a process of getting him to pull various facial expressions and putting dots on his face with a pencil. Once all the areas were marked then the injections began. Daniel put me to shame – he literally didn’t flinch – obvs he’s used to the odd prick (boom!).

Then it was my turn. I’m not afraid of needles, and I’ve had the treatment before so I wasn’t nervous. I went through the same process as Daniel, my face was dotted and the injections began. They were nippy – but not sore, and it was literally over in less than five minutes.

Daniel and I were finished so we headed in to see how Anthony was getting on with his drip, it was almost done. Georgina had been keeping an eye on him, making sure his blood pressure was within range and that everything was ok. Anthony explained that it wasn’t sore, it was just a cold feeling in his arm.

After the treatments, all three of us were still buzzing, and all looking forward to seeing and feeling the results. I get that vanity can be a terrible thing, but if it makes me feel good about myself then I’m going to go for it, so before I left I booked in for some fillers to help lift my sagging face :-)

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