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We were transported back to the 1960’s to see, hear and experience how The Four Seasons and Frankie Valli came about.

From less than respectful beginnings in Jersey these 4 guys (Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy Devito and Nick Massi) rose to stardom and concurred the world making and losing millions along the way. Through the story they deal with Death, Prison, Humour, Education and so much more, I may add thankfully not in the order lol.

Unless you were born between the 40’s - 70’s you probably won’t have a great knowledge of Frankie and/or the band, do not allow this to be an obstacle as you will be completely surprised by the sheer amount of songs that you will either be singing along to or at least find familiar. Their music has been used in many movies, other musicals, ads and also been reproduced/released by many other artists over the world.

What most will be pleased to hear is this is not another Jukebox Musical (although I must admit I do enjoy these), this is their actual life story told at times by each of the band member, as you can imagine each band members story has a slight variation on how they formed, broke up and who made decisions etc.

Jersey Boys is right up there with feel good shows featuring 5* vocals, it is super fast paced so you really need to keep alert, with the catalogue of songs this is a must to incorporate all the hits.

So what are the songs I hear you ask, well the hits are what your average Joe public will know include: Oh What A Night, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Sherry, Bye Bye Baby, Earth Angel and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. Though avid fans will know so many more, in total there were over 35 songs incorporated though many were just snippets, approx 25 where from either The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio.

Numbers I really enjoyed though had never heard before included My Eyes Adored You, Fallen Angel and Rag Doll.

Running time was around 2 hours 30 including the break though seemed much quicker, especially the 2nd Act, this was most likely down to the majority of the story's substance being later in their career.

The set was very minimalistic which by no means detracted from the show in any way, in my opinion it allowed the audience to focus on the story and enjoy the singing which let’s face it is why they are there.

Unlike many touring musicals there was no one of celebrity status in the cast, for me this was not surprising as not many actors and singers have the singing chops needed to carry the impressive vocals that Frankie Valli was and is known for. From my count there were 16 actors on stage and on inspection of the programme each professionally trained with a vast portfolio of experience having worked in hundreds of productions on and off Westend between them.

Get yourself along for what will most definitely be a fun filled, toe tapping, arm waving experience which is both insightful and intriguing as I now want to know more about their story.

Showing now in Belfast’s Grand Opera House and running until 22nd September with a mix of evening and matinee performance. Visit to book tickets or call the box office on 028 90 241919

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