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Nadine EP Review

Nadine Coyle returned to our screens and our ears recently, relaunching her musical career with “Go To Work,” and as of last week her eponymously named EP features four new tracks to get you’re your headphones around. GNI reviewed the tracks for you, and we’re happy to say it’s a hit.

For the most part the EP pulls on Nadine’s vocal styling as lead singer of Girls Aloud. This is no bad thing, however, as following the years since disbandment there is now a happy nostalgia to the tracks rather than a lazy rehash of old-faithful formulas that we see from some.

There’s something in “Gossip” very reminiscent of “Deadlines & Diets,” – a somewhat British-Irish melancholy that I can actually appreciate despite it’s less-than-banger tone. The latter song was always one for which I, and (Ex-PR Manager-now-Celebrity-Editor) Gar, held an affinity, with it’s realistic modern-life and hot-mess vibe – just being honest, we’ve all been there. And so “Gossip” almost follows up on that story with its hook, “I’ve heard it all before, and I don’t care much for rumours or gossip, no I don’t listen,” intonated in a very Nadine way.

“Something In Your Bones” has a throw-back feel to previous bangers, but the 80’s electric guitar riffs and a catchy beat paired with Nadine’s soulful chest voice and soaring backing notes keeps it fresh and fun. It’s a summer banger, and set-up perfectly for remixes – add more 80’s I say!

“Girls On Fire” is fairly repetitive but the vibe is #squadgoals selfies in the club - before inevitable tears, or if you’re like my girlfriends, heels off and McDonalds, which is much preferable and more enjoyable than tears – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that vibe. The song is a good move on Coyle and her management’s part – you’ll no doubt hear it everywhere this summer and have to avoid groups of girls feeling themselves to it.

“September Song” has something more of Nadine and slightly less of her past career though – more in-line with recent single “Go To Work,” it’s got an edge of Nadine’s real attitude to it that we rarely gleamed from past songs. Evidently going solo is good for her – because there’s more heart in this song too.

Seemingly, the original Derry Girl is back – like TV’s Michelle, Coyle started out her world domination by faking ID’s and I’m sure she’d admit herself, with a little too much lip-gloss on, but the same heart of gold and no bull-sh*t attitude exists here as it always did: from being buried beneath the inevitable mask of being “girl band member number whatever,” Coyle has emerged from her sojourn to California and brought her powerful vocals with her to stake her claim on the music she so-often lead back then, and bring it on tour with her and her new music, which although reminiscent and somewhat nostalgic, has much more of herself, her soulful folk-esque vocals and her inextinguishable fire than we’ve ever had the privilege to see. Sláinte Nadine, good shout.

Nadine’s self titled EP is available to purchase and stream at all usual outlets and she will be on tour and playing Dublin Olympia Theatre on 19th May 2018 and Belfast Limelight on 20th May 2018 tickets are available at all usual outlets

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