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Electropopper Bradley Say is back!!

Essex’s own electropopper Bradley Say re-envisions his musical exploits on multi-faceted follow-up album, Kaléidoscope.

It’s been 5 years since the release of Bradley Say’s debut album, Comic Book Villain. Produced by the talented Laurence Hobbs (Sam Smith and Pixie Lott), the album reads like an outpouring of teenage exploration (consisting namely of drinking and partying) – something which Bradley has been eager to leave behind in his latest work.

Having matured both musically and lyrically since 2012, Bradley decided to use the second album as an opportunity to pursue a new, independent direction. “Kaléidoscope has very much been my baby. Whereas before I had producers who would provide the soundtrack and I’d have to deliver on the lyrics/vocals, with this album I’ve literally built it entirely from scratch”.

The album, which is set to be released on August 4th, draws inspiration from plenty of different sources – trap, jazz, reggae and a lifelong obsession with the 80s. But, perhaps the defining influence on the album came from Bradley’s time spent in Paris, where he would travel every other week to see his fiancé. Whilst there, he fell completely in love with it all – the fashion, the style and, most importantly, the music. As a result, his track list is smattered with French-sounding songs and Bradley frequently opts to sing parts, if not entire songs, in French. “For some songs, like “Grandiose”, I did the entire thing in French, so I’m hoping French people won’t be offended by my accent!”

Already, Bradley’s made a couple of tracks from the forthcoming album available for Instant Grat over on his iTunes. The first, “Robbery”, arrives as the soundtrack to a real-life break-in experience, while “Lost in Paris” captures the “je ne sais quoi” flowing out of the French capital.

Bradley’s next treat for fans is a music video to accompany the third track off the album, “Visionnaire”Shot in Walton-on-the-Naze, the video sees Bradley cut shapes on the beachfront to the backdrop of bleak skies and imposing cliff faces. Once the album is released, Bradley will be looking to follow up with a music video for his favourite song, “Grandiose”. “The song’s really special to me, as it was the catalyst for the entire visual element of the album”, reveals Bradley, who hopes to bring us an equally special music video to match.

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