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Meet Nathan Adams one of Irelands hottest gay models. This Cork lad has graced many magazine and newspaper pages (including GNI MAG), and as you can see from the our exclusive shoot he has no problems stripping down to the tighty whiteys. So we had a chat with Nathan during the shoot to find out more about him, what makes him tick and what sort of guy he goes for…

How did you get into modeling?

By accident, I was messaged one day by my friend Cillian Kelly who’s mother had wanted me to do a charity fashion show. Reluctantly I agreed but after the show three different agents offered me contracts.

Do you have a signature look like Zoolander?

Haha yes! I think all models have their own Zoolander guilty pose!

What’s the best and worst things about being a model?

For me personally the best thing is the attention lol. But seriously I would say all the amazing people you meet on each job with different stories. The worst thing in modeling for me is the travelling, I’m a bit of a home bird.

Was modeling your first career choice?

No, I went to college and was aiming at becoming a sports scientist, but modeling bookings were coming in at such a high demand that I decided to drop out and chase my dream.

We see from your social media that you seem to be a bit of a socialite, describe your favourite night out.

As I work in the entertainment sector, a lot of socializing and networking nights out are related. My favourite night out would be sitting down in the corner of a club surrounded by good friend, a few beers and some good music.

Are you a single pringle at the moment?

Haha, nope. I’ve got a boyfriend who I’ve been with for the past year and I’ve never been happier.

What sort of guy do you go for?

I’m usually attracted to guys older than myself. Guys who dress well and look hot in a suit. Guys with similar interests to myself like sport, guys who are intelligent and well spoken. I like the macho man!

What does the future hold for Nathan Adams?

Definitely bigger modeling campaigns, possibly my own clothing range and shops. My main plan for the future is to, at some stage, at the right time, get married and start a family. I’m a real family man.

Nathans instagram: @nathanadams95

Photographer: Miki Barlok (

Hair: Andrew Cronin from Edge Hair Design (instagram @andy_tbh)

Makeup: Laurence Keating from MAC (instagram @laurencekeating)


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