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Playing with yourself is proven to improve your health

Yes, seriously, touching yourself can stop health risks in later life.

A study of 30,000 men and published in the European Urology found relations to health concerns and masturbation, with those who regularly masturbate having lower chances of contracting certain cancers.

Young men were found to be generally healthier in later life if they masturbate frequently, around 21 times a month made them 19% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than men who ejaculated about seven times a month and men in their 40s who masturbate regularly are 22% less likely.

Jennifer Rider, the study's author said, “Ejaculation frequency is, to some extent, a measure of overall health status in that men at the very low end of ejaculation – 0 to 3 times per month – were more likely to have other (medical problems) and die prematurely from causes other than prostate cancer.”

Rider says their study suggests that “ejaculation and safe sexual activity throughout adulthood could be a beneficial strategy for reducing the risk of prostate cancer.”

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