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The majority of gay men said they WOULD'NT be willing to use PrEP

The newest study in to PrEP medication showed that just under half of gay men said they would be willing to use the medication.

The medication would be a huge preventative in the transmission of the HIV virus, with studies showing it being very unlikely to contract and nearly impossible if the HIV positive individual is already on medication. The NHS have came under fire as they have pushed public access back again due to them being unable to 'see it's worth'.

The Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Glasgow took a study of men who have sex with men (MSM) to find the numbers willing to take the medication and out of 690 MSM questioned by the Universities, nearly half of participants [47.8%] said that if PrEP was available they would use the drug.

A worryingly large number had not even heard of PrEP before the study, a total of 29%. Dr Jamie Frankis, commented,

“This study adds to the current dialogue around PrEP provision on the NHS by clarifying that those men most likely to benefit from PrEP are also those who are most likely to say they will use it.

“Although men will use PrEP as part of their own sophisticated risk management strategies, relative lack of awareness means that comprehensive services to promote and support PrEP use must underpin any such implementation.”

There have been huge rallies of support for the medication, with large numbers saying it's 'absolutely neccesaary' and 'not a gay issue' but an issue for all partners affected by HIV and those wanting to protect themselves.

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