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Patrick Stewart is a glorious, beautiful woman

The X-Men star has become a beautiful X-Woman in this glorious transformation the world clearly needed.

The acting icon took on the makeup set for a role on US TV named 'Blunt Talk', playing a glamerous cable news reporter.

He took to Twitter during his transformation to tease his look by tweeting 'Something is happening in Hollywood tonight'. Naturally, Twitter took the opportunity to compare the stars new look to another British actor, Dame Helen Mirren.

“You look like Helen Mirren’s older distinguished sister, and I have so many questions.”

Another added: “Helen Mirren lookalike contest?

We wish it wasn't true, but the inspiration for the look came from none other than Piers Morgan. Blunt Talk's creator Jonathan Ames shared,

“I was channeling past CNN and happened to see Piers Morgan in front of a blue backdrop.

“In that moment, I thought Patrick Stewart would look amazing behind such a desk. We could live behind the scenes and create a world from there.”

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