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Germaine Greer gets questioned on her transphobic comments

Germain made headlines last year after making transphobic comments but went back and forth on ehr apology on an Australian panel show.

An audience member asked Germaine Greer,

"“I find really confusing views you’ve expressed that transgender women are not real women. Why do you believe there is such a thing as a real woman?”

Germaine paused for thought before explaining,

"I agree that when I was first thinking about what is a woman, I fell for the usual view that women were people with two Xs and men were people with an X and a Y, which made life nice and easy.

“And I now realise, partly because I’m not entirely immune to information, that this was wrong. That in fact there are all kinds of intersexual conditions, and there’s various ways in which genes are expressed in behaviour and development.

What would have been a suitable apology was instantly thrown away by producing some of the same comments that previously got her in trouble. She said,

"The difficulty for me is this – that women are constantly being told that they are not satisfactory as women, that other people make better women than they do, and that the Woman Of The Year may be Caitlyn Jenner, which makes the rest of the female population of the world feel slightly wry.

"It isn't fair that a man who has lived for 40 years as a man and had children with a woman and enjoyed the services – the unpaid services of a wife, which most women will never know, that he then decides that the whole time he’s been a woman.

“If you’re a 50-year-old truck driver who’s had four children with a wife and you’ve decided the whole time you’ve been a woman, I think you’re probably wrong.”

Some of her previous transphobic comments included:

"Just because you lop off your dick and wear a fucking dress doesn’t make you a fucking woman."

“I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that doesn’t turn me into a fucking cocker spaniel.”

“I don’t believe a woman is a man without a cock."

"If you didn’t find your pants full of blood when you were 13 there’s something important about being a woman you don’t know."

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