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Teenager threatened to have her throat cut by homophobic classmates

The schoolgirl aged 17, has spoke out about her abusive experience with two classmates who sent her homophobic and threatening Facebook messages.

Hannah Reno, who identifies as lesbian, told FOX4 two male classmates told her to kill herself along with lyrics doubling their abuse. Sadly, the two students have only been dealt with a short suspension and unhappy with this, her father contacted the police only to be told it was a school matter.

Her father commented,

"They wanted to cut her throat, shoot her, they wanted her to slit her wrists and cut her own throat.

“She was almost hysterical… she couldn’t believe that she was attacked because of her sexual preference. I was extremely upset; I felt bad for her because she got attacked for absolutely no reason at all.

”It is definitely inappropriate to target somebody for their sexuality. It’s inappropriate to target anyone and write a song that’s wanting them to die.

“If this was a bomb threat in a song, what would have happened? That school would have been on lock down, but because of my daughter’s sexual preferences being questioned, they’re trying to minimize this, and I do not like this at all.”

Hannah has said,

“It was just extremely nasty. It addressed things like my sexuality, and it addressed him wanting to kill me, and him wanting me to kill myself.”

Hannah has said since then she feels extremely unsafe. The school has confirmed the two teen's suspension but issued no further comment.

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