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Paris doesn't have a problem with male hairdressers being called 'faggots'

The Paris employment tribunal has argued a case where a male hairdresser was reportedly called a saying hair salons regularly employ gay people so it's okay.

The slur has came from none other than the hairdresser's boss after he accidentally sent a text to the wrong person. The situation arose after the hairdresser could not work due to sickness that day, leading the boss to question him, using homophobic slurs.

“I am not going to keep him. I don’t have a good feeling about this guy. He’s a dirty faggot.”

The worker took his boss to court, with no avail as he was told it wasn't deemed as offensive on the ground that many gay men work in hair salons.

“If we put it in the context of the field of hairdressing, the council considers that the term ‘faggot’ used by a manager cannot be considered as a homophobic insult, because hair salons regularly employ gay people, notably in female hairdressers, and that poses no problem at all.”

The shock decision sparked outrage within the community and officials, with the French Labour Minister saying it is 'outrageous' and 'deeply shocking'. The man is in the process of fighting the ruling.

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