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Scotland to make its own decision on PrEP distrubution

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that Scotland will decide for itself regarding PrEP distribution and will not be following England's decision to continue pre-exposure prophylaxis trials for another 2 years.

In a recent online interview, the First Minister confirmed reports that Scotland will make its own decisions on the case of PrEP instead of simply following England's recommendations, which were met with a harsh critical response.

The SNP leader (Scottish National Party) said she is keen for a positive result, regardless of concerns rising that the Scottish Government was to accept the findings of health chiefs south of the border. She has said,

“I am keen that we take our own decisions and that we debate these issues in parliament and certainly don’t take a view that we will not do things because they aren’t done in England,” she said.

“That’s not my position.”

When asked if this meant she could see Scotland differing from NHS England’s decision and rolling out PrEP, Ms Sturgeon added: “Absolutely.

“It’s not necessarily the case that we would follow that [sic: two years further testing] in Scotland. I think we will take our own decisions.”

The NHS England has previously refused PrEP, stating that it had to show it was cost effective.

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