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Madonna stirs up trouble (again)

Madonna continues touring and leaving the world in awe with her Rebel Heart tour but it seems that Singapore won’t be having any of it. Not a fan, Archbishop William Goh has urged the country that it is their “moral obligation not to support those who denigrate and insult religions”.

Archbishop William Goh voiced his concerns to various ministries and statutory boards to communicate the Catholic church’s grave concerns concerning Madonna’s tour which features stripper nuns, use of multiple religious iconography and songs which ‘target religion’ negatively.

Not one to care, Madonna has used religious properties through the years, especially during her tour, from when she opened her MDNA tour dressed in robes and having priests sing whilst smashing church windows, to her controversial music video to Like A Prayer.

The Rebel Heart Tour has already been given an adult rating due to its sexual nature but we still urge you to get tickets any way possible.

After all, Madonna is Queen.

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