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One of the biggest changes in Eurovision history

For as long as we can remember, the voting system in the Eurovision Song Contest has stayed the same, with the Eurovision jury and the public votes being combined to choose the winner. This year however the voting will be ‘radically transformed’ with the publics vote meaning more than ever.

The jury will deliver their votes to the designated country which would always have been the collective amount, including the votes from the public. However, they will now announce their votes and once every country has received their amount, the publics votes will then be added to the leader board, meaning the winner will not be confirmed until the very end.

To emphasize, the jury will give their 50% of votes and will be announced which will create the leader board. Then the public’s 50% will be added, which could change the placings completely.

That’s not all, the public and jury can also choose how many points each country can receive, from 1-8, 10 and 12, instead of only voting for one country each time. This new change will make a thrilling remaster of the voting system, making it fairer and closer than ever before.

Below is the offical video released by the Eurovision Song Contest which brought this news.

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