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Trans People Discuss The Highs And Lows Of Relationships And Dating

Image: Paul Grace

The follow up to Jake Graf’s viral video, ‘What It’s Like Being Transgender’, Trans Tales gives a clear and somewhat light-hearted insight into dating and some of the low points of being transgender.

Men’s Health star, Benjamin Melzer, YouTube comedian, Lewis Hancox and media stars Evie Andrews and Kieran Maloney all take part in the video talking about their polarising experiences dating and their bumpy road on the way to becoming who they really are.

Lewis opens up about feeling rejected by a partner after she wanted a ‘real man’ by saying, “I remember dating this girl and she didn’t want to commit to anything and the reason why was because she was bisexual and if she dated a guy she wanted them to be ‘fully a guy’. I really took this to heart and was insecure in relationships since then.” Not all doom and gloom, Lewis is now in a loving relationship, telling us, “Luckily I’ve found someone now to show me the way.”

Romario talks about how after transitioning he can now be a lot more laid back and relaxed in relationships. “When I met my now girlfriend it was interesting being very loose and jokey.” Lewis follow up and talks openly of how he felt about other guys growing up. “They were just so horrible to these teenage girls I was growing up with. I always said when the day comes I’m going to be the man I wish I saw my sister with.”

Jake Graf, who created the video and also has a short film Dawn premiering, spoke with Evie about how you have to prove being transgender. “Whenever I tell people I’m trans they never believe me. It’s this proving you’re not lying which is ridiculous.” Evie adds, “I always thought it would be just me, in a world of cis-people. Actually, just quickly got into this huge wonderful community and actually, the trans community is pretty small, but we’re all over the world.

Other issues covered in the video are how families have been effected by transitioning, bullying and body confusion.

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