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Beyoncé's new video is here

Queen B has just dropped her latest video for her song 'Formation' and it's causing the internet to explode. Ahead of her anticipated appearance at tomorrow’s Super Bowl, with Coldplay performing and Rihanna rumoured, Beyoncé has decided to steal the spotlight for herself.

Appearing in the video in her usual flawless style, from thigh-high stockings with a red, shoulder padded leotard to an elegant long black and lace gown, Beyoncé flirts with the camera looking effortless gorgeous, sexy and cool. From urban sports threads to American Horror Story: Coven, Beyoncé is working every look available.

High energy routines are performed all around the New Orleans area in the video, from a gorgeous manor house to an empty swimming pool, to the streets and in church, Beyoncé is accompanied with her usual all female backing dancers but its B that steals the show, obviously.

The catchy and urban song uses lines such as, “Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation, I slay. I did not come to play with you hoes. I came to slay, bitch.” It’s fair to say Beyoncé is back and ready to kill it.

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