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Here at GNI MAG we LOVE Piaras Smyth the local Belfast model. Indeed Mr Smyth has featured in a few GNI MAG shoots, and you've probably seen him on billboards and in magazines up and down the country. As a treat for you all we managed to get our hands on a few of this wee hotties selfies. Here's our favourite ten...

AT TEN: Piaras and his equally hot workout buddy

AT NINE: Piaras on location for a show

AT EIGHT: Piaras looks like he's getting ready for the shower

AT SEVEN: Look into his eyes, not around the eys

AT SIX: Somebody's happy to be by the pool

AT FIVE: It's a life for models, working away in Paris

AT FOUR: All about those lips

AT THREE: Blowing a kiss, yes, just for you

AT TWO: Showing off that tummy

AT ONE: WOW! (excuse the naughty word)

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