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With the XMAS JUMPER PARTY this Friday at KREMLIN, BELFAST we in GNI towers started to look around, turns out we are all already wearing our freakisly festive Christmas jumpers to work. We asked each other are they cool or are they crap?

To be honest we love our Christmas jumpers! I personally started to notice them more in my wardrobe from about mid November but held off wearing them until the start of December. We had a look at some of the best ones...

Fruit Cake Christmas Jumper - does exactly what it says on the tin!

Make the Yuletide Gay Christmas Jumper - it doesn't take a jumper eh?!?

My Gay Apparel Christmas Jumper - you even get our flag colours on this one.

So there's a few options, get online or down the town, get yer jumpers and get to Kremlin Belfast this Friday.

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