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THE asexual spectrum? DAY 3

Continuing from yesterday we have a couple more identities that are on the asexual spectrum

Demisexual: This is for those that experience sexual attraction only after a bond has been formed. Someone who only feels like having sex with the person on the outside after they get to know the person on the inside.

Fraysexual: This one is the opposite of demisexual where you feel all of the fun downstairs feeling when you meet someone, but they fade the more you get to know them (even if they are really nice, not just when you realise they are a bit of an ass.)(can change to non-expletive)

Cupiosexual: This is for those that want to get down and dirty, but don’t experience sexual attraction to the people they want to get down and dirty with.

Abrosexual: This is for those that experience a range of different sexual orientations, but it all depends on the day. These guys fluctuate between different orientations.

Of course, we can’t possibly go through all of the different variations of asexuality because it would take us forever so tomorrow we are going to switch up a bit and chat about those people that are attracted to multiple genders and sexes. See you there


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