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One World Festival Returns For 2022

One World Festival returns this October with its diverse line-up increasing awareness about the Global South, promoting understanding of issues that affect the lives of the poorest people and inspiring action in our communities towards a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

This year’s theme is ‘Displacement, Migration, Movement’, with the festival holding a whole host of talks, films, music, spoken poetry, exhibitions and more on the topic.

Taking place from October 10-14, the festival will showcase a unique festival experience centred around sustainability and work towards a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

2022’s festival sees a hybrid of in-person and virtual events, most of which are free to attend. Activities include a variety of workshops, discussions and family fun sessions, ranging from topics such as the climate crisis and the global economy.

Siobhan Hanley, chair of CADA NI, explained: “One World Festival is back with a focus on Displacement, Migration and Movement in our 2022 events. Seeing the major changes in how our global population is changing geographically in recent years due to conflict, famine, and climate change, we feel it is crucial to explore the issues and impacts, while also providing opportunities to create change.

“As a coalition of aid and development agencies (CADA NI), we are proud to collaborate in presenting the One World Festival - a variety filled programme, including; talks and discussions, storytelling, music, documentaries and films, and much more.”

Highlights from this year’s festival include the flagship event on Thursday night held both online and in-person at the Accidental Theatre, Belfast. Aptly named ‘One World on the Move’, the show will look at the movement of people through mediums such as poetry, dance and music, featuring the Belfast Operatic Society and Belfast poet Niamh McNally.

Siobhan said: “This year, One World Festival moves toward in person events again while also embracing the opportunities to include and connect with as many as possible through online events also. Our main event, One World on the Move seeks to connect in a hybrid format with the activity being held at the Accidental Theater in Belfast while also being broadcast online.”

Also included on the night is the announcement of the winner of the One World Festival Poetry Competition 2022, the successful young poet will recite their poem on this year’s theme.

Other events featured in the line-up include ‘Threads For Corporate Justice’, a show of solidarity through textiles held at Ulster University, and ‘Home: Stories of the displaced’, a photo exhibition detailing a number of stories from those who were displaced but now have a safe place to call home.

The festival will also bring interactive online events such as One World Quick Fire Debates!, a range of lively five minute quick fire debates on the most important issues facing us today and in person workshops like Nonviolent Struggle In The Global South which will explore nonviolence and nonviolent struggle in the Global South.

Spanning across five days, the festival works to increase awareness and understanding of the developing world and is organised by the Coalition of Aid and Development Agencies (CADA NI), covering 19 overseas humanitarian charities who are based primarily in Northern Ireland.

Issues explored during the festival vary from climate change, modern slavery, gender equality, poverty and many more.

Encouraging people to take part in the festival, Siobhan said: “Join us at One World Festival 2022, either in person or online, to stand in solidarity with those for whom injustice, poverty, hunger and inequality are still a factor of daily life, both around the world and here at home.”

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