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Irish Podcasts Sissy That Pod and Phoning It In are joining forces to bring you some Snatch Game she

Snatch Game is the hugely popular and most highly anticipated episode of every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and has produced some of the most iconic moments in the show's her-story! In the episode Drag Queens acting skills and improv skills are put to the test as they impersonate celebrities and answer outrageous questions in a bid to MAKE US LAUGH!

And while Ru might have originated the format, in this crossover event, Sissy That Pod and Phoning It In have given it an Irish twist. We have brought together eight of Ireland's most hilarious comedy stars including Allison Spittle, Wren Dennehy, Peter McGann and Sophie Shanley to answer some questions about iconic Irish pop culture moments.

With Dave stepping into the host role and James and Cian fulfilling the contestants positions, the episodes sees a celebrity panel including icons such as Jimmy Stewart, Marge Simpson, Kim Woodburn and wee Daniel O’Donnell answering questions about what Darren Kennedy gets on his chicken fillet roll, what Daft Punk thought of Linda Martins cover of Get Lucky and what Ryan Tubridy gave to the Late Late audience and much much more.

Full cast:

Alison Spittle - Kim Woodburn Stephen Bradley - Marge Simpson Ro Carey - Jimmy Stewart Wren Dennehy - Gemma Collins Mark Cantan - Al Pacino Sophie Shanley - Daniel O'Donnell Erin McGathy - Elizabeth Holmes Peter McGann - Jack Reynor

The full episode is available from Sissy That Pod and Phoning It In wherever you get your podcasts on Wednesday 21st April. A video will be live on Youtube too to be found here

‎Phoning It In is a hilarious improvised phone-in show, Where host Dave Coffey steps into the Joe Duffy role to field a collection of calls from cranks, oddballs and weirdos.

Sissy That Pod is an unofficial RuPaul's Drag Race recap podcast where hosts James and Cian are joined after each new episode by a Drag Race superfan to spill the tea.


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