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Boardroom Apprentice Success: 100% Of Participating Individuals Feel Equipped To Step Into A Future

Boardroom Apprentice has recently opened its applications for the seventh year of its widely renowned and successful programme, welcoming individuals to take part in the twelve-month scheme.

Throughout the year-long programme, people from all backgrounds and abilities are seated with boards across the country, promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Created to provide a safe space for everyone interested in learning about being on a board, the 12 month programme seeks to enable a wider diversity of individuals to play their part within boardrooms, allowing those without board experience, to gain experience and enhancing their knowledge and understanding through in-depth learning and support.

The success of Boardroom Apprentice has been unprecedented, with host boards such as Northern Ireland Audit Office, the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and Equality Commission For Northern Ireland being amongst some of the names offering places to apprentices.

Rodney Allen, COO of the Northern Ireland Audit Office, expressed his delight at being involved in the programme, saying: “I commend the scheme, its objectives, achievements to date and hopefully continued success in the future.”

He also encouraged potential applicants to try their hand at sitting with a board, explaining that the scheme provides individuals with a rare chance to grow in a variety of different ways.

He said: “Definitely give it a go – be prepared and be open to learning.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to learn and develop both professionally and personally, and be well placed at the end of the programme to take up a boardroom position.”

Not only do the host boards involved in Boardroom Apprentice believe it’s an outstanding scheme, but so too do past participants.

According to the ‘What Boardroom Apprentices Did Next’ report by McNamee Consulting, individuals taking part in the programme reported gaining a multitude of skills as well as benefiting from hands-on experience of sitting on a board.

It stated: “Recurring themes included increased confidence, better understanding of theory and practice, greater knowledge of roles and responsibilities associated with a board, practical experience of being on a board as well as increased understanding of key governance issues including legal and financial aspects.”

100% of people who took part in Boardroom Apprentice in 2020 stated that they would recommend the programme to others, believing it is an invaluable resource for everyone looking to get their foot in the door.

The report also found that, following on from their twelve-month placement, 25% of apprentices were presented with the chance to remain within their host board, with 86% accepting the opportunity.

100% of apprentices who undertook the programme in 2020 believed that it helped them in their new role afterwards, showcasing how useful it was in aiding both personal and professional progression.

Applications for Boardroom Apprentice 2023 are now open and are set to close at 3pm on Monday June 19.

To apply go the Boardroom Apprentice programme go to

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