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It may be set in the 60’s but the messages of acceptance are still very valid for today!

Opening night of this feel good Westend and Broadway hit musical was everything you would expect it to be, bright, bouncy and breath taking. While also hammering home the important message of acceptance no matter your size, colour or background. From start to finish this show had me tapping my toes and wanting to get up and dance, especially to the big numbers such as “You can’t stop the beat” and “Good Morning Baltimore.”

Lead Katie Brace gave Tracy Turnblad her all! I couldn’t believe it when I read this was her professional debut; big things are definitely ahead for this rising stars future.

Brenda Edwards understudy Bernadette Bangura (Motormouth Maybelle) raspy 60’s R & B vocals and curvaceous attitude were off the scale, so much so you didn’t feel that you were cheated out of an amazing lead performance, quite the opposite actually!

I couldn’t not mention what is most certainly a new comedy duo in the making, who really did put the innuendo comedy into the show that had the entire theatre roaring with laughter. Alex Bourne (Edne Turnblad) and Norman Pace (Wilbur Turnblad) of Hale and Pace fame; really did bounce off each other in their scenes and I couldn’t help but think by their reactions to each other that some of it was definitely improvised off script making it all the more entertaining for the full house.

This being my first time in a theatre setting since the dreaded C-word, I couldn’t help but well up at the closing full cast performance, and I definitely was not alone with a full house giving a standing ovation and cheering for every single cast member as they came on to take their final bow.

If you haven’t got your tickets for this must see show you may get your finger out because I can’t imagine there will be many remaining for this feel good show.


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