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I’ve seen the movie and to be honest I had a gurn at it – I’m only human after all and behind the swinging brick is a wee heart. I was invited along to the opening night of the Ghost the Musical at the Grand Opera House and I was looking forward to it. I took to my seat, the lights dimmed and the show started…

Local lad Niall Sheehy takes the lead role of Sam, not only beautiful but an amazing talent. His career has spanned across Theatre, TV, Film and Concerts. Having previously starred in my well known productions such as Miss Saigon, Les Mis, Wicked and more recently Titanic the Musical.

The role of Sam was originally made famous by the much-loved Patrick Swayze who sadly passed away in 2009. Niall’s take on the character was really believable as was the relationship with Rebekah Lowlings who plays Molly (Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph, and Moby Dick). Her rendition of “With You” had the audience completely captivated, the emotion and vocals were really moving.

Jacqui Dubois is on stage portraying the larger than life character Oda Mae Brown, people will remember Whoopie Goldberg in this role, bringing much needed comedy to an otherwise sad story. Jacqui done the character justice and at times had the audience in fits of laughter.

Others that need a mention are Sergio Pasquariello as Carl, Jules Brown as Willie Lopez and Lovonne Zeus Richards as the Subway Ghost. 3 completely different characters though confused villains’ who bring you on a journey

Favourite Scene – Is easily the subway, don’t want to give to match away but the special effects were out of this world and the Ghost even does a terrifying rap.

Songs – There are so many great tunes in the production though everyone will be waiting on Unchained Melody, there are actually a few versions of this which puts a different feel to the well-known song. Highlight’s for me were my favourite Ghost tunes: Suspend my Disbelief and With You.

Sound, Stage and overall production was excellent. Get your tickets before they sell out visit

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